Monday, September 2, 2013

SURVEYS (Please Share) - Concealed Carry Dresses

Do you have time for a few quick surveys about clothing/dresses?

I'm currently helping a female clothing designer gather some research that will help her better understand the average female conceal-carry consumer (because she is currently designing dresses for concealed carry!)

How cool is that?! Would you like a concealed carry dress that looks like any of these?

PLEASE SHARE these 3 surveys with the gun-loving women that you know. :)

1) Understanding the consumer:

2) "Appeal of Dresses" Part 1:

3) "Appeal of Dresses" Part 2:


Unknown said...
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Mark McVey said...

My apologies, I didn't mean to be so worked up. As to concealed carry dresses, I would choose L1, E2, and J2... Irregular prints make noticing a concealed firearm rather difficult. Also, I would highly recommend starching any garment in a rough circle around the gun. Less angles in clothing means less detection!
I have open carried nearly all my life, in Iowa and Colorado. When I decided to get a concealed carry permit, to keep my jacket over my gun in inclement weather, due to more stringent enforcement of the carry laws, I turned to you, a woman, for advice! (disregard that exclamation point, I have known this for a long time! Remember the second one, though!) I figured if someone as small as you could conceal something, so could I. Imagine my surprise when I took the big ass K frame revolver in .357 Magnum that I had always worn in a holster, on my belt, flopping around and what not, and put it inside the belt? Whole different world! I have been carrying my big ass revolver for about a year and a half, concealed. I'm not uber fat, but I am fat, right now. But I was still surprised at how easy it was to start carrying concealed! It just takes wrapping your mind around it! I can't thank you enough!

Mark McVey said...

Again, my apologies... I'm glad you left my constructive comment! Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I wished there'd been a "write-in" area on the 2 dress surveys. As part of my religious faith, I have hem and sleeve length requirements I follow, and I wish i could have mentioned that -- "I'd like this if it had cute cap sleeves!", that sort of thing.

Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed participating!

Unknown said...

Just became a follower of your blog and seen the link for the surveys. Obviously it has been closed as it's two years old but I would love to find out if these dresses have actually been produced and if so, by whom and where? Love the look and style of most of the bottom section and would love to purchase some! Thank you for all the reviews you do, I find them invaluable!!

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