Monday, September 2, 2013

SURVEYS (Please Share) - Concealed Carry Dresses

Do you have time for a few quick surveys about clothing/dresses?

I'm currently helping a female clothing designer gather some research that will help her better understand the average female conceal-carry consumer (because she is currently designing dresses for concealed carry!)

How cool is that?! Would you like a concealed carry dress that looks like any of these?

PLEASE SHARE these 3 surveys with the gun-loving women that you know. :)

1) Understanding the consumer:

2) "Appeal of Dresses" Part 1:

3) "Appeal of Dresses" Part 2:


Peter Duffy said...
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Mark McVey said...

My apologies, I didn't mean to be so worked up. As to concealed carry dresses, I would choose L1, E2, and J2... Irregular prints make noticing a concealed firearm rather difficult. Also, I would highly recommend starching any garment in a rough circle around the gun. Less angles in clothing means less detection!
I have open carried nearly all my life, in Iowa and Colorado. When I decided to get a concealed carry permit, to keep my jacket over my gun in inclement weather, due to more stringent enforcement of the carry laws, I turned to you, a woman, for advice! (disregard that exclamation point, I have known this for a long time! Remember the second one, though!) I figured if someone as small as you could conceal something, so could I. Imagine my surprise when I took the big ass K frame revolver in .357 Magnum that I had always worn in a holster, on my belt, flopping around and what not, and put it inside the belt? Whole different world! I have been carrying my big ass revolver for about a year and a half, concealed. I'm not uber fat, but I am fat, right now. But I was still surprised at how easy it was to start carrying concealed! It just takes wrapping your mind around it! I can't thank you enough!

Mark McVey said...

Again, my apologies... I'm glad you left my constructive comment! Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I wished there'd been a "write-in" area on the 2 dress surveys. As part of my religious faith, I have hem and sleeve length requirements I follow, and I wish i could have mentioned that -- "I'd like this if it had cute cap sleeves!", that sort of thing.

Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed participating!