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* "Bug-Out-Bags and Survival Kits - General Info & Links"

* "My Purse/Pocket Survival Tin"

"Portable Butane Stove & Cookware"

* "HUGE LIST of ITEMS TO HAVE (for vehicle & emergencies) "

Titanium Sporks & Cooking with my Penny Alcohol Stove:

Want to make your own penny alcohol stove? -
Medical Kit Contents (for Bug-Out-Bag):

I highly recommend picking up a copy of the following Hesperian Health Guides (or downloading the PDF versions) and keeping them with your medical kit:
"Where There Is No Dentist" & "Where There Is No Doctor"


Anonymous said...

Just thought you should know that of all the female soldiers and troopers I've known in a lifetime of service-you are clearly the best prepared and well trained individual I've come across in many years.Love your videos-and you've done a great job training your dogs.

Anonymous said...

I did not mean for my comment to be anonymous-
I'm T.Lane,

Unknown said...

Thank u for all your youtube.. Your vids help my wife understand CHL from a womans perspective, and also, the leg holster idea is awesome.. Couldn't do it without you!!