Did you see a product OR piece of gear in one my videos but now you can't find it because I didn't do an entire video on it?

I get a lot of questions regarding what parts are on my firearms and what video contained a certain product, so this section contains gear & links back to where you original saw it.

For PARTS LISTS (to my AR-15, 12-gauge Shotgun, M&P 15-22 rifle, SIG 1911 Extreme, & Ruger 10-22): CLICK HERE

Still can't find what you're looking for? Shoot me an email!

(Clicking the links below will take you to the video the item was shown in)


for S&W M&P Shield: PJ Holsters (IWB, OWB, Pocket), PJ Holsters (colored versions), High Noon OWB Holster, PHLSter Skeleton IWB Holster (shown in High Noon Video), Raven Concealment OWB Phantom Holster

for S&W M&P compact 9mm: Raven Concealment Vanguard, RCS Vanguard (different video), Remora No-Clip Holster (full video), Remora No-Clip Holster (shown on-body), Lobo Gunleather OWB (shown in Remora video), Crossbreed Supertuck, Raven Concealment OWB Phantom Holster: (shown in RCS video) and (shown with Bawidamann PUPs)

for Glocks: Raven Concealment Vanguard 2, and RCS VG2 (different video)

for Ruger LCR: Crossbreed Supertuck (full video), CrossBreed Supertuck (different video), Galco VHS Shoulder Holster, Galco Ankle Lite w/ Calf Strap, Clament Thigh Holster, Clament Thigh Holster (full video), Clament OWB Holster, Mika Pocket Holster, PJ Holster, Remora No-Clip Holster

for SP101 357 with 3" barrel: Crossbreed Supertuck (shown in CC Purse video), PJ Holster

for Ruger LCP & KelTec P3AT: Crossbreed MiniTuck, Smart Carry Holster, Remora No-Clip Holster

for Walther PPS: PJ Holster

for Walther PPQ: PJ Holster

for SIG 1911 Extreme: Off the Grid Concepts Holster: (shown on-body in Extreme video), (close-up in Bawidamann PUP video), & (shown in Surefire X300 video)

for HK45: Raven Concealment OWB Phantom Holster: (shown on-body at start & end of video), & (shown with Bawidamann Mini PUPs), Safariland 6005 drop-leg holster

for NAA 22lr Mini Revolver: PJ Holster

for S&W Model 63 Revolver w/ 5" barrel: Mernickle Custom Holster

for various handguns: 1) Rivers West CC Jacket: (video review shown w/ M&P 9c) & (worn during 1911 video)  2) Gun Tote'n Mamas Raven CC Purse: My main video, my EDC video, & also My short SHOT Show video, 3) Flashbang Bra Holster & Looper's Pin-Up Holster Collection, 4) Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment Shorts (Full video review) & (shown in puppy video)

Surefire X300: (shown on SIG 1911 Extreme) and (shown vs. X300 Ultra and on SIG 1911 again)
Surefire X300 Ultra: shown vs. X300
Surefire Scout  Weapon Light (200  lumens): shown vs. X300 & X300 Ultra
Insight Technologies M6X: shown vs. X300 & X300 Ultra
HSP Inforce WML (Weapon Mounted Light) (200 lumens): shown on Jack Carbine
Surefire M300A Mini Scout Weapon Light: shown on Sprinkles, my AR-15 (upgraded AR build)
Surefire G2X Pro Flashlight: shown on Sprinkles, my AR-15 (initial build)


Advanced Armament (AAC) dual port 90 tooth Muzzle Brake: shown on Robinson Armament XCR-M .308
Advanced Armament (AAC) 300-SD (MK13-SD) Suppressor: shown on Robinson Armament XCR-M .308
Silencerco Osprey Suppressor: shown on HK45, with Surefire X300 lights
Bravo Company BCMGunfighter MOD 1 Compensator: shown on Jack Carbine
Battle Comp 1.5 Black Oxide Compensator: shown on Sprinkles, my AR-15 and all my other AR-15 videos

KA-BAR TDI LE Knife & PHLSTER TDI Fightworthy Sheath: full video review
Spartan Blades CQB Tool: full video review and also mounted using a Bawidamann PUP
Bawidmann Blades: POGN, SCULD, & SKRAELING (full video), POGN (shown on-body at start & end of video), POGN (mounting to Molle Belt with PUP)
Up-Armored Plate Knife: full video review
Gerber Prodigy - (sharpening with Gerber Downrange Sharpener)
Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife - (shown in EDC video)
SOG Twitch II: full video
Kershaw Leek: full video
Spyderco Ambitious: full video
Bawidamann PUP Mounting System for Molle: full video (PUPS overview)
Bawidamann BLANK PUPS Mounting System for Molle: full video (BLANKS instructional)
My magazine loaders in many videos: Maglula Loaders (click here for my video review)
My targets used in many videos: Thompson Targets
My scale used in many videos: Ozeri Zenith Professional Digital Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale
My leatherman tool used in many videos: Leatherman Juice S2
My AR mag pouches used in many videos: ITW FastMag Pouches (shown in this video)
VZ Grips: (shown on SIG 1911 Spartan) & (shown on Spartan in SIG 1911 Extreme video)
Larry Davidson's Custom 1911 Grips: SIG Extreme Video #1 & SIG Extreme Video #2
XGRIP Magazine Adapter - (shown for M&P compact 9mm)
Big Yellow Jacks: Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Jack Targets (shown in this video)
High Speed Gear (HSGI) Sure-Grip Padded Belt (Molle) - (shown in Up-Armored video), (shown on-body), and (shown in Bawidamann PUPs video)
High Speed Gear (HSGI) Pistol Taco Mag Pouches - (shown on HSGI molle belt)
Viking Tactics (VTAC) Battle Belt, aka "Brokos" Belt (Molle) - (shown in this Bawidamann BLANKS video)
Hard Rifle Case: Pelican 1720 - (shown in this video)
Gerber Downrange Knife Sharpener - full video review
Maratac AAA Flashlight - (shown  in my EDC video)
Medical Supplies: video on contents of med-kit
My Heineken Can Denatured Alcohol Penny Stove: (being used in this video)
Snow Peak Titanium Trek 700 Mug: (being used in this video)
SPORKS: Snow Peak, Light My Fire, & American Kami: (compared in this video)
Revision Military Sawfly Shooting Glasses & RX Carrier: full video review
Sawvivor Folding Saw - (shown in this video)
LA Police Gear Molle Elite Tactical Christmas Stocking: (shown in this video)
Aimpoint Micro T-1 Optic & Tango Down iO Cover: (shown in this video)


Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II - (shown in RCS Vanguard video) & (shown in my EDC video)
Maxpedition Rollypoly (medium) - (shown in Disse video)
Gun Tote'n Mamas Raven Bag/CC purse - (full review), (shown in my EDC video), & (shown at SHOT Show)
North Face Crestone 60 Women's Backpacking Pack: (shown in my med-kit video)
LA Police Gear Bail Out Bag: (shown in my med-kit video)
Disse Gear Captus 1hb: full video review
Disse Gear Quadrula-X: full video review


My watch shown in many videos: Casio Baby G-Shock
My shooting gloves worn in many videos: Oakley midweight fleece gloves
My range belt worn in many videos: Ares Gear Ranger Belt (shown in this video)
My daily wear gun belt worn in many videos: Disse Gear Amerihide Any Day Belt - (video review)
My cover garments are from: American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy, Aeropostale, Glik's, Fox Racing, and various consignment shops
My shooting glasses: Oakley Fives (shown in this video)
Crosstac "Lightning Belt": (video review)