Friday, April 15, 2011

VW Road Trip Briefs - MI, IN, KY, TN

On iPhone, tedious one finger typing... No wifi around. Will update better when on regular computer in a few days.

Yesterday - Took I-69 South out of MI. Drove thru Indianapolis, Indiana, then onto 65 South. Was snowing in MI when I left, but no snow in Indiana. Pretty purple flowering trees and warmer air already. Drove straight to the southern Indiana border. Slept at busy rest area near cop car. Very safe lot. Bad headache, fell asleep early at 10pm.

Today (Friday) - over Ohio river early, into Louisville Kentucky. I love the Ohio River. And I adore Kentucky.... So green, always makes me feel so good. Want to eventually spend a good month driving around Kentucky. To Mammoth Cave this morning. Arrived at 11am MI time but was actually 10am in Kentucky. Gained an hour, yay for Central time zone. Got cheap hot shower at Mammoth Cave National Park (2.00 shower token at camp store). Took "New Entrance" cave tour for twelve bucks. Very very cool. 280 step descent into the cave on an over one-million dollar staircase. At one point lights were turned out and I was in COMPLETE darkness for possibly the first time in my life. Can I live in the cave please? Lol. So peaceful. Beautiful rock formations. Perfect temperature. Although I did see lots of big creepy crawly critters. Sent a few postcards, then back on 65 South... Detoured myself east, for fun, over to Glasgow, then south, onto 31E/231. Soooooooo beautiful. Loved the area, very scenic.. Rolling lush green hills, twisty unique roads, rivers, lakes.. Thru Scottsville then on into Tennessee. LOVE Tennessee too. Kept heading south on 231 south, east of Nashville. Very cool town square area in Lebanon. Thunderstorm hit, so stopped in Murfreesboro and geocached a little in the rain. Got utterly soaked, but the rain was warm, and the air smelled good. Wet clothes are now hanging all over inside my van. Headed more south on 231, incredibly scenic between Shelbyville and Fayetteville (TN). I can't describe how much I love the rolling green hills and water in KY/TN. Spending the night in Tennessee and on thru Alabama in the morning :)

Found a geocache in every state gone thru so far - they are especially common at rest areas.

Going to heat up water now on my portable butane stove for tea and read a book by the light of my Petzl headlamp. Night night


Brian K Miller said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start!

BC said...

Glad to hear you are traveling again. Looking forward to reading about your experiences.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo Great to see you blogging again! Your site was the first, and is still tied for NUMBER ONE with Bob's cheap RVLiving. Which I found from YOUR SITE! My wife and I have the van and many necessities. Almost ready to go! Mark Twain made quite a good living writing and lecturing about his travels. We like reading about your experiences like people read him in his day. GO GIRL! YOU ROCK!

barry4321duck said...

Glad your back. Always one of my first stops.

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