Friday, September 17, 2010

Concealed Carry Holsters & Outfits for Women

I just spent a couple days straight sitting in front of my computer (and borrowing a mirror) so I could finally upload a new video to YouTube. Woo-hoo! My eyes are fried, my butt is sore from sitting, and I could use some fresh air, but it was well worth it. I'd been meaning to do that for 6 months.... In addition to making a new video, I have also re-done my other holster video. If you watched it the first time, please check it out again, as it has changed a bit. It is now 3 minutes longer.

Concealed Carry Holsters & Outfits for Women:

 Crossbreed Supertuck IWB Holster Video:


Guntard said...

Thanks for those, I'll pass the info on to our students. We are teaching a two-day rifle course this weekend and there will be spouses there.

Hope all is well with you and you are safe... are you riding yet?

Guntard said...

BTW, I linked your holster tutorial on our MilCopp Tactical Facebook page. You have a lot of good information and you do a good job of showing the holsters. Let me know if you want me to pull it.

Todd said...

Nice videos. I'm sure some of the troops overseas will be glad to see you have posted these ...HAHA!!

Seriously, those are two good videos and It's good to have you posting again.

Bon vivant said...

Thanks so much. I've been wondering about all the options for holsters when hiking and your video was great!


Jeff said...

Informative Videos for guys and girls, way to go, very well done.

Kristin said...

I just got my concealed carry license and have been researching holsters. Thanks so much for posting your videos; they are so helpful! It's frustrating as a woman trying to figure out how to conceal a gun on your person but now I know that I'm going to start with the Crossbreed Supertuck.

DC Handgun Info said...

Don't listen to (my fellow male) sexist commenters. Your holster videos are very helpful to women who are considering concealed carry; we need a lot more female CCW/CHL/CFL to slow down the rate of criminal predation. Also a good idea, which you do: handling only EMPTY weapons when you try on different holsters. The Devil is in the details. Good job!


Guntard - thanks, the links are great. Nope, not riding yet, still trying to find a bike that I like. Plus, there will be snow here soon so maybe I should wait until spring.

Todd - ha. yeah if I get too many comments like that one, I just might pull the video.

Bon Vivant & Jeff - thanks!

Kristin - awesome, glad I could help another girl out there. Definitely start with the Supertuck. You might never end up with another IWB holster.

DC Handgun Info - hey, I really appreciate you saying that. I get so incredibly fed up with the pig-headed commentators out there.. and of course, always safety first :)

Butch Cassidy said...

Would you mind saying where you got the thigh holster?

My wife just watched your video and now wants one to go with her skirts and dresses. You should evidently go into sales, she was sold before you finished demonstrating the first dress.

Thanks for the video, it made my wife's day to learn that she can wear a skirt and pistol at the same time.


Butch Cassidy - Lol. Clament Custom Leather, in Nevada.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I have been wearing baggy shirts just to go out side. The thigh holster and the Supertuck r on my list to buy.

But in some of the states where you can't CC do you carry knives? I was thinking about modifying your thigh holster for knife carry in those states. What do you think?

By the way I got e-mailed your video from a guy friend that I B**** to about not being able to carry.:)


Danielle - so glad it helped! yeah the thigh holster and the supertuck are my 2 favorite holsters. As for carrying knives in states where I can't CC, really it depends on the day/outfit I'm wearing. I guess it isn't a bad idea to modify the thigh holster for knife carry, It could work good maybe - I just never thought of it. :)

Kaci Lusk said...

I have spent much time today on your site, THANK YOU! As another woman, and one with curves, I was searching for info on options. Hubby got me an on the belt holster, but when I wear more fitted shirts, it's not an option.

With my new Ruger .380 LCP, I will need the Mini Tuck, can't wait till payday to order it and try it out. Taking the Texas CHL class and tests in a couple of weeks and want to be ready when my license comes in.

I also watched your other video and will be more than likely be ordering or making (if I can find a way) a thigh and ankle holster.

Thanks again.

Mikeo said...

Falia, I just rewatched your video on the Supertuck Deluxe, and reread your commentary. First, I ordered a Crossbreed Supertuck for my dehorned Taurus 605, and also ordered a Remora noclip holster about 1-1/2 weeks ago. In regards to your commentary, I haven't open carried since 1982 when I was part of the Ohio state militia. I've had my ccw licence since Mey 2008, and have carried almost daily since then. I think open carry is fine, but concealed gives you a bit more upperhand if you need it. I am somewhat disabled since a bad car wreck in September of 2008, and handgun choice and position is challenging, to say the least. You are doing a great job of informing people, me included, about the logistics of concealed carry.

Carry safely, and often,

jessica rabbit said...

Thanks for the info! THANK YOU! It's comforting to have such great information and reviews on the subject and I now feel confident as a petite young woman having decided to carry. I've registered for my CCW class in Feb. I am between deciding on Crossbreed's Mini, Micro, or Qwick for my Beratta Bobcat. Your holster review was very helpful. Any input on which Crossbreed for my gun? Also, do you have any input on the N82 Tactical Holster, just curious?

Margaret said...

Thank you for posting these. It was really educational for me. At 21 and a girl, I tend to put my self in situations where I could use an extra measure of safety (hitchhiking, sleeping on roofs in the city, etc). For now I just carry mace, but this is something for me to consider.

I wear skirts a lot and it's good to know I have options. The only thing is a tend to spin a lot... I think it would show. Guess I could wear it with my shorts, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hey Falia,

do you have any recommendations for a gun belt/or brand? Also, can you give more details about the thigh holster? how does it work if one gets sweaty/dancing? Does it seem to slip down any?

And as for the ankle holster, is it real secure also? Especially considering much movement/sweat? Does it slip down any?

I just tend to have a very active lifetyle, and thus, challenged in findind a good secure way to stash. I however, just a few minutes ago ordered the Supertuck, and am looking forward to using it!

thanks for all your efforts,
A : )

La Femme said...

I have the Remora no-clip IWB for my Beretta Nano, which I LOVE. I ordered it with the thigh/ankle mod, but I can't get the ankle setup to feel wuite right. Technically you're supposed to be able to use the thigh rig to also hold on your ankle, but no matter how I do it, it feels a bit floppy and all over the place. I can't fathom going out with it like that and being worried my gun is going to just fall out of my pant leg! Any tips for making it more secure??


La Femme - I haven't tried that Remora version yet - Is this it? Shotgun Shanni has some experience with that holster so I guess I'd try sending her a youtube message? MrMrsAuthority also has a couple videos on that holster- and also There are also a lot of comments underneath those videos that might help you out. :) Good luck!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

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