Thursday, June 10, 2010

the Little John experience

I just love a question that brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh out loud. I might as well post my reply to this email, just in case any other girl out there has trouble peeing into her own female adapter. If you are a man, you can just stop reading now. lol.

subject: tips to make my girl's Little John experience easier

"Hey. I know this sounds like a weird question. I bought and have been using the Little John for awhile now and recently bought the female adapter for my girlfriend as well for use on road trips. She hasn't had an easy time using it so far, do you have any special techniques that make it easier for you to pee into? What positions are easiest, etc? Thanks."


My response:

"Hey there, sorry about the delayed reply. Did you girlfriend still need help with this?
I must admit, your email made me laugh out loud.

Does she have the blue one (female adapter)? That is the one I've got.

First off, it might be upside-down. She should try it both ways to see which way "fits" against her best.

Lets see... tips on peeing into a curved funnel.

Kinda lean/tilt forward.
Don't stand up too straight.
Pee slowly.
Hold it tighly against yourself.

I think that's pretty much all I've got. "

I do want to add, however, that the female adapter (when positioned correctly) is such an essential piece of gear. I use it practically every day inside my van, and I also take it with me whenever I'm out on a boat. There is nothing worse than being a girl and waking up inside your van in the middle of night, having to pee, when you are parked somewhere with no 24-hour stores around, in a place where you cannot squat outside your vehicle without risking exposure. I don't know how I would live without it. I store the adapter inside a ziplock bag, with a paper-towel wrapped around it, and I wipe it off with paper-towel really good after every use. It also gets its share of bleach, whenever I get a chance.
Men are pretty lucky that it is so easy for them to just pee wherever. Women have to use something silly like a curved pee-funnel. Well, whatever works! I'm glad that someone created this little gadget. Hmm. Now I wonder if it was invented by a man or a woman.


nwpassage said...

It's this attention to practical details that makes your blog so interesting for fellow- and would-be-travelers! Anyhow, I've heard at least one good report of the following "urinating aid" device:<>prd_id=845524442622049&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302695889&bmUID=1276243947451

Looks similar to the one pictured above, and described as "hydrophobic," "antibacterial," etc.

Hockeypuc said...

When the pressure hits and you can wait no longer, mother nature takes care of the problem...with or without a peeing device.


nwpassage - hey thx :) I do try to give lots of details b/c I like other people's blogs when they give lots of details. Thx for the link, I checked it out. It looks like it would work great, however I like how mine doesn't have a long tube part. That would be hard to clean I think. If you lived in a house with running water, it would be no problem to keep clean. But in a van, I wouldn't be able to wash that long tube part out very well. The less parts on it, the less to keep clean.

Hockeypuc/Tim - Although you are correct, I just don't have any desire to pee my pants or spray all over the interior my van, trying to "aim" a non-protruding part of my body at a bottle with a small opening. (pardon the visual). Mother nature will take of the problem, but if it takes care of the problem at an in-opportune time, that just creates a different problem if you are a girl without one of these adapters. It creates a mess. lol

Unknown said...

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