Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Down by the River!

I'm so extremely happy it is spring! This winter honestly wasn't bad at all, since I kept my time so well occupied, but I can finally breathe in and physically feel the fresh change of the seasons. The excitement is creeping up from within myself and ready to burst out into colorful springtime sparks @}--,--'-------

I've really been trying to do something fun every day and not get sucked into the repetition of plugging myself into the net. I feel so much physically better getting sore legs from hiking & sore arms from sawing, as opposed to getting a sore butt from sitting and sore eyes from screen staring.

Monday I went out and explored the 1000+ blue spruce/white pine forest that my dad planted 17 years ago, and I have to say that walking over the seemingly-endless soft bed of pine needles was both calming and impressive. There is such power that emits from trees, and they grow so much faster than I had ever previously realized. After coming to a good stopping point in the woods with a good backstop, I shot his Mossberg bolt-action 22 rifle for the first time. It used to belong to my grandpa, and the peep-sight on it is extremely accurate.

Tuesday I went to a beach along Lake Michigan and just wandered along the sand... Afterwards, I rounded up my mom and took her out into the wilderness, where she had fun shooting my 22 revolver. Her first time ever shooting a gun and she exploded the water-filled milk jug with ease! Go mom.

Yesterday I went for a walk down by the nearby river. The weather was refreshingly sunny & beautiful beyond words. I skipped rocks off the water using a slingshot, cut up some logs with my Sawvivor folding saw, and admired all the poofy cat-tails & well constructed raccoon lairs. My only regret is that I didn't have on waterproof shoes/rainboots, because I was seriously walking thru some intense sinking patches of mud...



Anonymous said...

That was a good video! reminds me of the time in Alaska when I was walking in the bush and needed to stop and cut some logs for a fire. I borrowed a friends dental floss and cut down a 18" tree and limbed it. NAAAAW aint no one in Alaska got dental floss. he he he

~~Mike~~ said...

I love that area! Great pics too! I really can't wait to get back on the road and stop sitting in front of the computer so much too. It really isn't very healthy and there are just too many great things to see and do about everywhere you go! Glad you are getting out and enjoying life and of course shooting stuff :)

97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

Pam Aries said...

Spring beckons us outdoors with all it's beauty..makes it easier t o leave the old computer..hah. I'm gonna start calling you Annie Oakley ! Have fun on your road trip..where are you going in NC?


OGT - too funny :)

Mike & Heidi - thanks! hope you guys make it out to enjoy the weather soon, too

Pam - I'd better start practicing more, in that case, lol. In North Carolina, I'll be mainly in Fayetteville. I'm excited! I've been in desperate need of a road trip

Todd Temple said...

Great pics!!!!!

I can't believe I watched an entire video of a person a never met sawing a log in half...AHAHAHA!!!!

Life is great :-)

...and enjoy your trip!!!

AtomicWanderlust said...

I love your freedom journal! check me out at I think we have a few things in common.

cheers, and good luck

Anonymous said...

Whered you go?


Todd - too funny :)

Atomic Wanderlust - I will check it out, thanks

OGT - I'm back!

Unknown said...

I Love Michigan. I live in South Cali and can't figure out why everyone I talk to thinks Michigan is weired. I hope to move there some day. Are you in the U.P? Or L.P?

Unknown said...

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