Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cheap (or Free do-it-yourself) Haircuts

I have never been daring enough to cut my own hair (even though it is long, extremely straight, and probably easy to cut), but now believe I can do it (and so can you).

Jana left a comment on that post I wrote regarding haircuts, and she provided some video links that I finally got around to watching. I think they are just terrific! Thanks, Jana, I'm seriously going to try and cut my own hair the next time I need a trim, and I'm actually excited about it!

The lady in these videos is very to-the-point and does a good job of explaining. If you would like to cut your own hair, definitely check out her videos. Be sure to take Jana's advice and watch the videos all the way through, because some have additional tips at the very end.

There are videos for 3 different cuts - the Blunt Cut (straight across), Layered Cut (easiest cut to do), and the V-Cut. I'm eventually going to try the layered cut on myself, and I can't wait to see how it goes. Whenever I attempt it, I will let you know.

Here are the links to the videos on her actual site:

1. Blunt Cut -

2. Layered Cut -

3. V-Cut -

If you prefer YouTube, here are the direct YouTube links to the same videos, although the website links above provide some written info:

1. Blunt Cut -

2. Layered Cut -

3. V-Cut -

This lady really does give great visuals, and she makes it obvious that it is extremely simple to cut your own hair. Plus, I've noticed that when I get my hair layered in one salon, the next time I get it layered in a different salon, they don't necessarily trim the ends of the same layers, resulting in split-ends that remain all over the place. If I layer my own hair the same way every time (basically pulling it into a ponytail on top of my head & cutting about 2 inches off the top), then I think I am actually guaranteed to kill all the split ends every single time.

Want a cheap haircut from someone else? Try a cosmetology school or beauty academy.

Want a haircut for free? Try it yourself!

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Anonymous said...

Way back when I was a teenager, someone showed me the ponytail on top of the head trick. My hair was shouder length at the time. I cut the hair off at the elastic and got the perfect layered haircut. Back then the style was called a "shag". I loved it. Since then my hair has grown much longer and I always wanted to try that haircut again but thought it would take too much off. I didn't realize you could just cut the end of the ponytail so thanks for the video links.