Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Key West, Florida

I didn't have many opportunities to post while I was recently down in the Keys for a week, and I've got some more pictures to share before too much time passes... Enjoy!

A Psychic Reading business in the middle of the Keys. It had a solid concrete roof! I bet they could predict a hurricane in their future and took preventative measures :)

Also in the middle of the Keys, this foot-bridge (the old bridge) runs parallel to U.S. 1.
I thought the giant tree growing on it was pretty impressive.

In Tampa I saw some pretty obscene bathroom artwork, but check out this bathroom that I came across in Key West! Definitely the opposite:

(in my stall)

(by the sinks)

(and on the door)

The next photos are of my favorite performers this year in Mallory Square, right during the nightly Sunset Celebration. Other misc. performers included fire breathers, a juggler on a super high unicycle, excellent fire jugglers, dog tricks, a bagpipe player, all sort of wild stuff. These particular guys had the whole package. They were funny, well rehearsed, professional, and utterly amazing. One of them could juggle knives while standing on one leg, on top of the other one's head. He also balanced upside-down, on his own head, on top of the other one's head.

The final image for today is headed away from Key West... I wasn't driving, this was when I was eagle-eyein for alligators.


barefootboatnik said...

Great photos! You've got me jonesin' for Mallory Square, now.. what a fun place!

Ryan Warren said...

I never ever read such type of info before this was really incredible.