Thursday, February 5, 2009

I love Key West

It is 9pm and my laptop battery power is down to 37%, so I'm going to hurry and try to crank out a photo-filled blog post before my computer dies. Mission = Speed. Then I will find a place to charge my laptop tomorrow, probably either at a laundromat or the library, and I will post again as soon as I can after that.

I just took a shower at my secret spot here in the Keys, went and filled up our water jugs at Publix, and am currently snacking on yummy organic crackers in my van. I pulled into a random parking lot here along North Roosevelt Blvd (aka U.S. Highway 1) which heads right into Key West, and I've lucked out. Tons of unsecured wi-fi signals. I connected right away to one called "KeyWestDonut," although I don't see any donut places nearby. Just big chain stores like Home Depot & Walgreens. This part of Key West is called "New Towne," I think, and it is right as you head into the island. This part of town is all built up with the traditional stores that I don't feel belong here, which is why I don't spend any of my daytime hours up this way. All of my time lately has been spent either at the beach or down in Old Towne.

Heading down thru the keys, on the only road to Key West:

Upon arrival in Key West:

Yup, I sure do love it down here. I'm only 90 miles from Cuba and enjoying fresh Mahi-Mahi in a place where Coconuts fall from the trees, Aloe grows alongside the road & Volkswagen Vanagons are everywhere. Yikes, sorry, I do have alot more to share, however, I'm down to 5% on my power meter... Guess the rest will just have to wait until later.


barefootboatnik said...

Sounds like you're having such fun in Key West! I fell in love with it years ago, so much so that I moved to the keys for a couple of years. I didn't live that far down, though.. lived in Key Largo and visited Key West a few times a month. Absolute heaven! Reading your past few posts has me seriously jonesing for some keys time. Keep on living for life, and keep on posting so I can live vicariously through your blog! Best of luck in all-

LiveWorkDream said...

Mmmmmm. makes me want to bust out with an umbrella drink. Lucky you!

MsBelinda said...

Sounds like you and Dan are having a wonderful time. Anxiously awaiting your next post.

Ryan Warren said...

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