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Mobile-Lifestyle Related Websites & Links

This is my ongoing list of favorite vehicle-dwelling websites. Most contain helpful van dwelling stories, tips, photos, and information. I am constantly adding more (and making sure my links are still good). I last updated all these links on 2/6/2010. Got a link to add? Please send it to me!

Cheap RV Living - by Bob Wells (Living & Traveling in a Van, Car, or RV)

Car, Van, and Campervan Living - & (MUCH info!!) - Very useful site! Printable "poop sheets" with lots of RV living resources & tips

Nomadic Home - Discusses various types of traveling homes and the nomadic lifestyle

Nomadic Home's New Site! - Check it out :)

Welcome to VanDweller's Den! -, but click on thru to

Van Life - from

How to Live in Your Van - by Wendy Usually Wanders

WikiHow - How to Live in your Car

Wikibooks - Van Dwelling

Don't Come Knockin' - click on "Slummin' It, Tips For Living in Your Van" - Lifestyle of Freedom & Adventure

Terry's High on Life Page

Extreme Frugality - Living out of your car

HobNob Blog - Special "Living in your car" Edition

Walking Onion's van - pics of Willie Utillie

Ron's Travelin' Machine - Van (part 1) and Trailer (part 2)

Mark's Full-Time RV Resource - provides info for both RVers & vandwellers

Mr.Sharkey - Information (& discussion forum) relating to House Buses & House Trucks - click on "Show me more Trucks and Buses"

Art Car Central - check out all the AWESOME vehicles! I LOVE this site

Homes on Wheels - An Online Magazine about Mobile Lifestyles

Frugal RV Travel - great photos & fun to read - List of Interesting RV Travel Blogs

Boondocking Blog

Choosing an Overland Campervan - for those thinking about International van travel

Van Livin' Tips - Covers basic things to know, such as bathing, cooking, etc. (from "We Stay Gone")

Something Wicked Comes - Van Dwelling: Is it for you?

Vanabode - happily camp, travel, and live forever on $20 a day

BD Crabtree's Van Pics - great photos showing the interior layout of his van-dwelling setup - awesome site, put together by Heidi of Vantramps!

Blogs/Personal Sites (LOTS of tips within their archives):

VanTramps - "Our version of life on the road"

A Guy, A Dog, A Rig, and a Dream - Brian's blog

To Simplify - Glenn's pursuit of happiness thru simpler living

The Oasis Of My Soul - Ara & Spirit's site! (a motorcycle, a sidecar, and a dog...)

Hitek Homeless - A couple 30-somethings embark on the ultimate roadtrip

Possum Living - Great site! Lots of practical, survival info.

The Urban Vandweller - a blog and guide for the modern nomad (many topics covered)

freedomvan - She doesn't blog anymore, but reading her past entries in Hawaii are still great

My Van Life - Nick's blog with lots of van conversion photos

Live.Work.Dream. - Working to Find the Dream Life (Jim & Rene's Full-Time RV Lifestyle)

Sailing, Simplicity, & The Pursuit of Happiness - Teresa & her cat live together on a 27 ft. sailboat

La Casita Bella - Bernie and Mar's adventures in an RV named Bella

Life at 55 MPH - Mar's page continued...

Carrot Quinn's blog - Her post about packing light (since she rode freight trains & hitchhiked)

The Road Less Traveled - blog by Barbara & Ron

Life on the Open Road - blog by Diana (a full-time RVer for 10+ years)

Mobile Kodgers

jmcampervan - camper-van conversion/road trip

The Stealth VanDweller - free from the trappings and limitations of so called "normal living"

Right to Bleed - (previously "Holding the Empty") Used to van-dwell, so several posts contain vandwelling info

Building Luna - Two ladies living in a homebuilt house-bus

Hoopty Life - One homeless woman's guide to van dwelling, car living, & urban camping

Among the Oaks - Lindy lives in a school bus in the woods

A Year in a Car for No Apparent Reason - Jessica's blog

Blabberon - Ron's neat vans & travels

Two Knives Katie

Enchanted Gypsy - Travel Diaries

Wendy Usually Wanders - "A Dog, A Cat, and a Crazy Old Lady Wander the US"

Living and Boondocking in Mexico

The Adventures of Tioga & George

Matt & Sarah - Their journey across Europe in a motorhome (fun to read & neat pics)

Stephen Stewart's Site - He has visited 110 countries & is still traveling

Technomadia - The adventures of Chris & Cherie - Chris's blog about living in his van

721pm - Chris's old blog about living in his van

Homes on Wheels - Chris's UK site - Pat & Ali travel by VW, catamaran, and Porsche...

Travels with Miranda - a 30 year-old Canadian gal, 2 cats, an RV, and the call of the open road

Life on our Ark - Adventures and Troubleshooting For Rookie Full-Time RVers in Canada

Mimi (and me) on the Move

A Van Dwelling Wanderer - Travels with Sadie

The Ultimate Roving Home

Swankie Wheels - the adventures of a retired webmaster - Brenda's blog

Agent X's page - American by Birth, but Free by Choice...

The Spartan Student - Ken is living in his van to afford college - Romana's blog!! (Diary of a traveling hermaphrodite)

Mobile Technology and Van-Dwelling - erowe3's page about living in his van

Peace, Travel, Pets and a Van - - Jennifer's blog about traveling to the Arctic Circle, by herself - fulltiming with 2 cats, 1 dog, and a dude

TwoDogs - 21 Years in a 1973 Dodge Van

Simple Stress Free Lifestyle - Bernard's great page, and also: - more of Bernie's van-traveling info!

Yahoo Groups:

VanDwellers - Join the Tribe! (valuable resource)
MobileLiving - Using your vehicle for full-time living or extended stays
HouseTrucks - Info pertaining to housetrucks and buses
SchoolBUSconversioNUTS - If you own/have owned/want to own a skoolie!
AllAboutRVing - Interested in RVs? Than this is your group!
BoonDocking - All about "dry camping" and sharing free camping locations
Walmart RVing - Sharing info about the businesses that allow overnight parking
VanLivingandCamping - For those who like to live and travel by van

Helpful Resources For Those On the Road:

Good Sam Mail Service - "We Stay Home, So You Don't Have To" - (includes parking lots) - (another good site!!) - A resource for RV travelers & vehicle dwellers - Free Campgrounds in Southern California
U.S. National Forest Campground Directory - Excellent Site!
U.S. National Forests and Forest Service Guide
US Forest Service
Find a Forest by State - (park for free in "dispersed camping" areas on national forest land)
National Park Service
The Lewis & Clark Trail Road Trip Planner - very cool site with information on the route from Missouri to Washington!
ActiveDiner - Restaurant Guide for US & Canada
Deep Cycle Battery FAQ - Thinking of hooking up a 2nd battery?
Escapees RV Club - A total support network for RVers
NuRVers - community of RVers
The Simple Living Network - Has an informative Discussions Forum!
Craigslist.Org - Use Craigslist to search your local area for jobs, rideshare, items for sale, vehicles, etc. (was Searches all the different Craigslists on the same page! - Official Kelley Blue Book Site (Vehicle Prices)
Nada Guides - New/Used vehicle prices (like kbb, but for RVs, Boats, Motorcycles, Classic Cars, etc.) - The fuel economy of any vehicle newer than 1984 - Biodiesel Retail Fueling Site Locations - Solar Cooking Archive
WikiHow - How to Cook Food on your Car's Engine - providing information & help for vehicle dwellers, homeless individuals, etc.
BLM - Bureau of Land Management info (Long Term Camping on Public Land)
GasBuddy - search by city, state, or zip for a list of all gas stations & their current gas prices
HUGE LIST - websites for U.S. campgrounds & parking locations (created by John & Sharon) - great data resource for all U.S. cities (temperature, population, rainfall, house prices, relocation info, etc.) - Find a "pick your own" fruit/vegetable farm near you!
Going Shampoo-Free! - Info on baking soda/apple-cider vinegar hair-washing
WWOOF-USA - Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms - a worldwide network for making connections between travelers & communities - Find groups of people that "meet up" regarding all sorts of interests! Search by your interest and zip code to get together with like-minded people in your area.

Finding Free Wi-Fi Internet Locations: - Info on all the public libraries in the U.S. (great for traveling)
JiWire - Free wi-fi Internet finder! It even has a downloadable program that will find wi-fi locations while you aren't even online - another free wi-fi location search
Superpages Wi-Fi- Hotspot Search

Finding Work/Job Resources:

Workamper News - Helping Rvers explore America... One Job at a Time
Workamping for VanDwellers - Info from Bob Wells cheaprvliving site
Craigslist.Org - You can actually find jobs in your area using Craigslist!
Hitek Homeless - Good Post about Workamping & Finding Jobs
USAJobs - The Federal Govt's Official Job Search Site
Etsy - A site where you can sell anything handmade!
eBay - Sell anything & everything on eBay
eHow - How to make money while traveling
Workers on Wheels - Work for RVers and Campers
WWOOF-USA - Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms - Summer Jobs & Seasonal Jobs in Great Places

Different Vehicle Heating Methods:

Little Woodstoves:

Forced-Air Propex Heaters (propane):

Espar Heaters (gas or diesel):

Gardening on the Road: - Great Site! Sells hemp bags and an "Easy Sprout" for van-friendly growing - Info, products, & good pricing on organic seeds
Primal Seeds - More helpful info on seeds & sprouting

Slab City: - Yahoo Group
Slab City - Wikipedia
Quartzsite (near the Slabs) (The Dry Camping Capital of the World):

Vehicle Maintenance & Parts:

Looking for where to get parts or accessories for your van, car, or RV? I will continually update this list of links as I find more sites...

JC Whitney Brand

Shop JC Whitney for ALL parts (car, truck, jeep, motorcycle, & more)

Camping World - RV/camper supplies, accessories & parts
RockAuto - All the parts your car will ever need - Interesting & Fun RV Accessories
Boat & RV Accessories -
JC Whitney - RV accessories - Big selection of 12 volt gadgets, etc. - Largest RV Surplus Warehouse (also for vans) - Low prices everyday on lot's of cool RV parts and accessories

My Other Lists of Links:
Overnight Parking Locations & Links
Assorted Links - various topics such as survival, tiny homes, guns, health, etc
Volkswagen Specific Links

Do you have a van blog or a site you'd like to share? Or would you like to link to my site? Please email me so I can check out your page.


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