Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Van Food Options

For a healthy snack or small meal, I will often make my own little stuffed appetizer... It's very easy to do in a van, and it also won't cost you much money. Pick one item from each list and experiment - the possibilities are endless.

STUFF: avacado, red pepper, cabbage or lettuce leaves, celery, cucumber, nori, tomato, or zucchini.

WITH: guacamole, hummus, nut or seed butters, ceviche, pate, veggies or fruits, diced mango or papaya with ginger, pesto, diced tomatoes with basil, carrots, coleslaw, or greens.

I am honestly all over the place when it comes to what I eat, although I always prefer to eat very healthy & simply. Sometimes I am on a raw-food-only phase, and then sometimes I just switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet. And then, of course, there are times when I get on a spree of eating junk, which is what I've been doing lately and it feels horrible.

When I don't think about what I'm taking in, I end up feeling lost & like a completely different person. I really want to stay away from sugars, meat, and white products, but I always seem to eventually fall back into some pattern of eating things that I don't really want to. Ugh. That is when I decide to clear my palette and start over by doing a one day fast - and that is what I'm doing today. I have often heard that it is very beneficial to do a one day fast every month or couple months. If your body isn't busy trying to digest & process, it is better able to help rid your body of toxins. I don't fast that often, although I do try out different methods of detoxing from time to time. A short while back I did a Blessed Herbs internal cleansing program & colon cleanse, and the results were amazing.

When it comes to eating healthy on the road, I mainly just buy non-perishables like granola bars, oatmeal, peanut butter, brown rice crackers, dried fruit, and nuts. The only perishable food I normally buy is fruit, and I eat that so incredibly often that it never has a chance to go bad. If I am hungry, I just stop at a grocery store. I love fruits, veggies, and salads of all types. Is there a Farmers Market nearby? If so, I am jumping for joy! It is so much cheaper to try and make my own creations in my van, although McDonalds has a surprisingly tasty Asian Chicken Salad, and Subway will never cease to be my friend. Mmm.

Trying to eat in my van doesn't really require much effort. My top utensils used are a cutting board, spork, knife, can opener, and my Orikaso backpacking dishes. I also don't know what I would do without my mug, since green tea is essential. Have you tried "By the Light of Day" teas? Peaceful Peninsulas Organic & Fair Trade Green Tea is my favorite. Also, if you are into organic eating, raw foods, or health, I recommend checking out David Wolfe's Sunfood Nutrition and the Raw Family. Lots of great nutritional foods and info there.


diane said...
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Thanks Diane,
I agree and appreciate your comment. I do my best not to slip up, but of course it happens. Sometimes I go out to eat with friends or I'm at a potluck or something. The best thing I have found is to just make the best conscious choices I can, all the time. Then if I slip up, it is just fine, because I haven't been doing it on a regular basis. Real food sure tastes great and makes you feel so good! I don't think most people realize that. And most people think that all the packaged stuff in grocery stores qualifies as food. I personally consider those to be food-like products.

diane said...
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Redbeard said...

I didnt really grow up in a health conscious environment. Yes, Mom fed us McDonalds. In the service, we ate what we were given and when we were given cannot object when you've been on foot for 7 hours in the heat with 70 pounds on your back and your last meal was yesterday's breakfast.
Now that Im older and am much more health conscious and have the ability to solely dicate what goes in my body I have the option to plan and prep food the best way I can.
Lately I have been dehydrating fruit(Blueberries, bananas, strawberries and pineapples) and meat(all organic free range whitetail deer or turkeys), canning veggies from my garden. My home looks like a house of horrors with all those milti-colored jars of who knows what in them. My pantry is choc-full of vacccum sealed pouches of deer jerky or wild turkey jerky. I have 2 ponds full of fish to catch. 4 acres of pecan trees. I reckon with what I have going on, I could survive for quite a while as long as I keep some staples, like flour, sugar, coffee, tea, oil etc. Its been 2 months since I went to the grocery store. Its nice to know that I have packaged, at home, enough food for 6 months of survival alone. So if S ever HTF I can Bug out and be fine. I would like to get some goats for milk and meat etc., however the vet bills are crazy around here for keeping livestock. Thankfully, if I ever did want one, I can go to the livestock auctions and buy organicaly raised livestock of any type and have it processed however I see fit...Its always funny to see the caravan of vehicles leaving the aution with pigs and goats and chickens in the beds of their trucks headed to the butcher.
Thankfully the area I live in is very rural and in a state whose number one thing is agriculture.
In short, get your food from nature as best you can, then take it home can or dehydrate it and voilat'!! You have sustainment and bug-out capability and you dont need to rely on Military MRE's when you have the ability to make them at home. Cheers!

Ryan Warren said...

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